SCB Credit Cards in Chennai

Standard Chartered Bank offers an array of credit cards which can be used with privileged benefits. Each credit card offered by the bank has its own unique features to offer. On comparison of such features, you can choose your choice of credit cards that suit your annual shopping needs and cash withdrawal. The interest rates for each type of credit cards differ.

Featured Types of SCB Credit Cards

  • Super Value Titanium – For individual who is aware of his expenses and pocket
  • Manhattan Platinum – To shop with rewards and cash back benefits on every shopping
  • Yatra Platinum – An opportunity to save while you travel. This will be the perfect option for those who frequently travel and can also earn cash back offers on hotel bills and travel
  • Platinum Rewards Card – For smart spenders who want to enjoy the excitement of rewards with amazing benefits

Array of Credit Cards from SCB

  • Standard Chartered Emirates Platinum Card – This card offers unmatched travel insurance. It offers free access across the world to the premium golf courses. You can enjoy complimentary discounts of up to 50%.
  • Standard Charted Platinum Card – This card enables you to wave fuel surcharges of about 2.5% on the selected BPCL fuel stations. You can access to cash limits of up to 30% anytime
  • Standard Charted Gold Card – You earn a reward of 1 point on every Rs.1.25 spent using this card. You can enjoy the cash accessibility of up to 30% 24 hours. This is an internationally accepted card
  • Standard Charted Executive Card – Earn a reward of 1 point on every Rs.1.25 spent in India. About 2.5% of fuel surcharge can be waived on the selected BPCL service stations.

Standard Charted Bank also offers other major types of credit cards to create an ample choice of selection to the customers. To list a few:

  • Standard Charted Rotary Card
  • Standard Charted Sapnay Credit card
  • Standard Charted Emirates Titanium Card
  • Standard Charted Titanium Card
  • Standard Charted Bajaj Allianz Card
  • Standard Charted Classic Card
  • Standard Charted EMI Card
  • Standard Charted Wild Life Card