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Health Insurance in Chennai

According to several health insurance experts, one should never compromise when it comes to availing health insurance policies. In that case, the Star Health Insurance agents makes sure to offer a wide range of flexible plans to protect your health.

The star health insurance in Chennai provides plans for senior citizens named ‘senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy’. The plan is suitable for elderly-persons who are over 60 years of age. It comes out with several advantages. It covers till 75 years of age, a pre-insurance medical screening is not required. However, it extends support to pre-existing diseases and provides flexible policy basis.

Another plan named, ‘star comprehensive insurance policy’ for families offer complete healthcare protection for your entire family on individual and floater basis. Further, it doesn’t cap the room rent, offers care beyond cover, provides health check-up, free cover for maternity for both caesarean and normal delivery, and also personal accident covers. Besides, they also provide a top-up plan in which a surplus protection at affordable pricing is provided. It is a flexible policy with maternity cover, air ambulance cover and organ donor expenses. The policy is named ‘super surplus insurance policy’.

The other plans include family health optima insurance plan, a popular insurance policy with your growing family on floater basis. Under this policy, you can get extra sum insured at no extra cost, avail several benefits of health check-up, assistance cover for new born baby from 16th day and also reproductive treatment.

The medi-classic insurance policy is yet another a classic health insurance for individual, most sought after insurance plan with family package, health benefits, and bonus options. It provides automatic restoration of entire sum insured by 200%, day care procedures, new-born baby cover, and more. In addition, the star health gain insurance policy provides an extended benefit of affordable premium plans that are available to both individuals and families.

If you are looking for ‘star health insurance agent near me’, then LoansBazaar is the right place to seek star health insurance agents.

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